Welcome to my blog!

About Me

Hey! My name is Sydney and lucky for you, you’ve found my blog. I’m a teen girl who loves goats (and pretty much any other animal), bullet journaling, food, trivia, traveling/riding in airplanes, hiking to beautiful places, Harry Potter, fandoms, Pinterest, reading, portrait and macro photography, the feeling when you’ve reorganized a room, country life, breakfast, sunsets, hot weather, and of course my family, friends, and the Lord.

I like to post about anything that gives me inspiration. For example, but not limited to: product reviews, my photography, my (occasional) travels around the western US, bullet journaling, DIYs, books, my life in general, and so much more.

So thanks for stopping by and there’s no time like the present, whatever that may mean for you. Have and amazing day and hope you enjoy!


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